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In Which We Cliche A Plot

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 by aquillpen

This was not an official PNT[Post NaNo Teen] thing, but none the less a bunch of people have been creating ‘Most cliched teen novel synopsis” on the official NaNo boards, including moi. You can read the thread HERE. For your viewing hilarity, here is the first bit that we’ve compiled. Ladies and Gents, ZEE AWWWW-FULL CLICHES!:

A girl is deeply troubled because she wants a cute guy to ask her to the dance.

She’s terrified he’ll reject her, causing her to have to move up to a cave in the Himalayas for the rest of her life, because he’s the most popular boy in school, and she’s definitely not the most popular girl.

The cave in the mountains is full of bald warrior monks in orange robes.

In the cave, she meets love interest number two, who is her polar opposite. They don’t get along at all, but need each other to survive.

They kiss accidentally, possibly after fighting a traitorous monk, and swear never to speak of it. But they both liked it and want to do it again. Cue angst.

They both separate for a while and they go off and angst. The boy tries to make the girl jealous and vice versa. They end up coming back together, apologizing, until love interest number 1 comes back into the picture. .

Her feelings for number 1 returns. Then number 2 finds out number 1 is really half vampire half succubus, and is deceiving her.

Number 2 hates that number 1 did that to her, and immediately challenges him to a fight, but doesn’t tell the girl about it.

The girl whines about how everyone loves her.

The girl finds out, and as soon as numbers 1 and 2 begins to fight, she stops them dramatically.

Lover number 1 dramatically kills Lover number 2. The girl finds out and angst about that for a while, leaving Lover number 1 to angst in his own corner.

The girl dramatically weeps over Lover 2’s lifeless body. As her tears drip down onto his face, they begin to glow. Lover 2 opens his eyes because her tears are magical.

Meanwhile, her 16th birthday is approaching and she MUST plan a lavish party for 300 guests.

As the girl is planning, she meets with a rather strange woman who informs her that the girl is part fairy. One half, to be exact. But the girl has been cursed so that she cannot use her powers. The only way to break the curse is TO FIND HER TRUE LOVE.


Yo, dudes.

Monday, December 12th, 2011 by aquillpen

We’re edgy, we’re funky…. and some times, we even do some homework. We’re the Post-National Novel Writing Month Teens. And we’re ready to rock our novels, all year round. Stay glued for fun advice, rants, and creative exercises, written by your fellow NaNo teens.